Fishing Report

20 + pound Chinook in Saugatuck (Aug-25-2013)

This week we started fishing steelhead, coho, and kings in 180-230 FOW, and ended fishing kings and lake trout in 80-100 FOW.  The catches at the end of the week were some of the heaviest boxes of fish this season and include 20+ pound kings in every catch.  Best baits were pearl black dot and chrome Ace HI plugs on the high coppers.  On the deeper coppers we caught fish on the live wire and white double glow Protroll 8” flashers with wild fern flies.  The Diver produced fish daily with white mtn. dew, live wire, white glow and blue wiggle Protrolls.  Lake trout were biting on chrome and trash can Goldstar dodgers pulled on the bottom with green spin and glows.


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Deep water producing some excellent fishing. (Aug-19-2013)


This past week produced some very good fishing with creel numbers fromm 8 to 18 fish per trip consisting of Chinook salmon that pushed 30 pounds in weight.  One Chinook was reported to weigh 34 pounds and there was a report of a 39 pounder weighed in.  The fish are found from 90 out to 230 foot of water but in the top 50 foot.  During the week, the water cooled down due to some strong north winds and the fish scattered.  You could catch some nice four year old salmon in the 90 to 100 foot level but the fishing was inconsistent.  In the 140 to 170 foot level you could find some 2, 3 and some 4 year old salmon and addition to some lake trout.  In the 180 to 230 foot depth we found more coho and steelhead, with some big Chinook salmon mixed in.  We found that the deeper depth levels produced the most consistent catches of steelhead, coho, and 3 year old and some 20 + pound 4 year old Chinook salmon. 


In the 180 to 230 foot depth we ran 100, 200 and 300 foot copper with spoons (mixed veggie, green jeans, fruit cocktail and orange crush stingers) on the 100 and 200 copper and flashers and flies (live wire and mixed veggie Pro Troll and mirage Rapture flies)  on the 300 copper.  Wire dipsy divers were run at 200 foot and 100 foot out with flashers (live wire, white silver/glow, silver mixed vcggie and white glow/mountain dew) and Rapture  (no see um, illusion, wild fern and hypnotist) flies.  The down riggers worked best with stinger lures run on the base bait and on the add-a-lines amt 60 foot, 50 foot and 40 foot down.


I think that in the next week we will find the Chinook salmon will begin to stage in the 90 foot level and if we get some any cold water, they will move toward the piers.  For more information and/or charter reservations, email me at

Up and down week of fishing (Aug-11-2013)

A roller coaster of a week of fishing – The week started with good catches of adult kings and lake trout in 100-150 FOW.  Mid-week catches were comprised of almost only lake trout and then fishing slowed at the end of the week as the trout moved out.  Good news is that Sunday morning we once again found a good grouping of fish in 180 - 200 FOW.  The lake trout were biting metal Goldstar dodges (white, trash can, and chrome dimples) with spin and glows behind them bounced on bottom.  This week’s big kings came 40-80 feet down on Protroll hotwired flashers with illusion or wild fern flies, and white glow Protroll flashers with wild fern or Oceana flies.  We caught kings on pearl black dot and green splatter back AceHi plugs pulled on 300 coppers.  On Sunday we found coho and steelhead with some kings and lake trout in deeper water.  These fish were very active and bit on the same flasher flies combos and plugs that were run in shallower water.  We had good action on Stinger spoons:  blue dolphin, green dolphin, mixed veggies, blue freaking veggies, and tangerine.  These spoons were run on 200 feet of copper and 40 – 70 feet down on the riggers.


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Big salmon showing up in the catch (Aug-04-2013)


A very good week of fishing with creel numbers ranging from 8 to 20 fish per trip.  The creel consists of coho salmon, Chinook salmon, lake trout and an occasional steelhead.  We fished in 100 to 140 foot of water and caught lake trout, Chinook salmon and some coho.  When we fished in 160 to 200 foot of water we caught mainly Chinook salmon and an occasional steelhead.  Out in the 225 to 250 foot of water we found coho salmon, Chinook salmon and some steelhead.  The four year old Chinook salmon are running from the mid teens to the high 20 pounds with one 34 pounder caught today.   Multiple 20 pound salmon are not uncommon in the catches.


We are fishing differently in the different water depths, however there are some combinations that are working at all depths.  The Pro Troll live wire with the Rapture illusion fly has been working on the dipsy divers and on the 300 copper.  White blade with Silver/Glow and double glow Pro Troll flasher (8 in and 11 in) and purple beaded Rapture mirage fly worked well on the downriggers and on the dipsy divers.  On the 300 ft and 400 ft coppers the chrome and mixed veggie UV Pro Troll flashers with hypnotist and wild fern flies produced well. 


Fishing should continue to improve as the salmon stage for the fall run.  For information or for charter reservations, email me at

Rough water but good fishing (Jul-28-2013)


It was a crazy week of rough water and good fishing.  The week started catching lake trout on bottom in 100 feet of water, or coho in 240 feet of water.  The trout were biting white and chrome Goldstar dodges with white and green spin n glows behind them.  The coho in the deeper water were living 25-50 feet down bit on Double B orange flashers with mini-Rapture flies, and on Stingers.  The best Stingers were the freakin mixed blue or green veggies, the coyote, and double orange crush.  This week produced coho, steelhead and some Chinook throughout the week.  Later in the week we fished 130-170 FOW.  We found a mix of species and sizes.  Friday morning produced one of the best early bites of the year.  We took 8 fish, 2 kings over 20#, in the first hour and a half.  These fish bit the same spoons as the fish in 240 earlier in the week, and white fishscale and white blue bubble Protroll flashers with wildfern and no-see-um Rapture flies.  Unfortunately, the wind blew too hard to fish on Saturday or Sunday.  We are looking forward to getting back out this week.  We expect that the fish are going to continue to move into the120-160 FOW area.  Follow us at @CaptCHcharters on Twitter for day by day fishing reports.