Fishing Report

Shake Down Fishing Trip (May-04-2012)

We did our shake down fishing trip yesterday to make sure that everything is up and running. Went out at 9 AM and fished we were back at the dock about 12. We fished from 100 to 160 foot of water but all the action took place inside of 130 foot. We kept 4 chinook salmon that weighed about 12 to 15 pounds, returned one small salmon and lost a couple more. I later found out that the best fishing the day before was in 30 to 60 foot of water. It appears we may have overrun most of the fish, however we caught some nice fish and found out everything works and we are ready to start the charter season.

Start of 2012 Season (Apr-21-2012)

Well we are back from spending the last 5 months in the wilds of Florida and the boat is going to be put in the water on Monday. The water temperature is warm for this time of the year and the reports are that the early fishing has been excellent with good catches on chinook salmon and coho salmon from 80 to 200 foot of water with the coho coming 30 to 50 foot down and the chinook salmon caught from 70 to 120 foot down. The lake trout are being caught inside in 30 to 50 foot of water. Fishing is good right now, (a little cool) but the fish are good size and in good condition. I also heard some reports that there have been some good catches of perch out of Port Sheldon and South Haven. Give us a call and get in on some good early fishing. 888-253-8372

Steelhead in 200 FOW in Saugatuck (Oct-08-2011)

We fished a couple of days this past week and because of the dirty water after the blow last week, we had to fish from 190 foot of water out to 230 foot of water. We found a slick where the blue water started and the chalky water ended and the salmon and steelhead were found just inside the slick in the chalky water. Regular sized stingers (orange crush, orange corey, craigs christmas, jawbreaker) were pulled on almost all the lines from 60 foot of copper to 200 foot of copper, dipsy divers at 60 foot and 130 foot out and downriggers at 30, 40 and 50 foot down. Nice fish with 2 and 3 year old salmon and steelhead from 6 to 12 pounds. We will probably be pulling the boat next week, however if you need fishing information or information about a fishing charter, email me at or call me toll free at 888-253-8372.

Very good salmon fishing in deep water (Sep-27-2011)

Although we only fished a couple of times this week, the fishing was very good out in 140 foot of water with 15 to 20 fish per trip. In this deeper water you will find 3 and 2 year old chinook salmon, some 10 to 12 pound coho and an occasional lake trout and steelhead. We fished the downriggers at 80, 90 and 100 foot down with the dipsy divers at 100 ft. and 180 foot out and then 450 foot and 300 foot of copper if conditions allowed. Flashers and flies on all the lines with the best flashers being Stinger Echip green super frog, green glow/UV, mountain dew and green glow with any Rapture fly that was green or hypnotist with green beads. We will be available for charters for the next couple weeks and then end the season. For charter reservations or fishing information email me at

Chinook, Coho, Steelhead and Lake Trout in Saugatuck (Sep-19-2011)

A very nice week of fishing with some catches from 10 to 15 fish per trip. With the warm water in front of the piers, we have moved out to 90 to 200 foot of water and found 2, 3 and some 4 year old chinook salmon, 10 to 14 pound coho, and some steelhead and lake trout. With the strong east and south east winds the best direction was a 240 or a 300 degree troll from 100 to 190 foot of water with the best depth being 135 to 160 foot. Almost all of the fish came on flashers and flies although we did take a couple of coho on Stingray spoons (blue mixed veggie with white back). Both silver Stinger Echip flashers (mixed veggie, silver UV, silver mountain dew) or white bladed Echip flashers (blue wiggle, and white double glow) with the Rapture green dude, wild fern, speed weed and the blue bubble fies. Yesterday the blue wiggle flasher and blue bubble fly was hit at least 6 times at 95 foot down. We ran 300 and 450 foot of copper and the dipsies were run at 100 and 180 foot out, downriggers at 80, 90 and down to125 foot. Although our season is winding down, the fishing should continue to be good in the deeper water. If we get another shot of cold water, we should see some more 4 year old salmon stage in front the piers. For more fishing information or for charter reservations, email me at