Fishing Report

One day with the steelhead in front the Saugatuck Piers (Aug-07-2011)

This past week produced consistent fishing in the 65 to 90 foot depth with limit or near limit catches of Lake Trout and Chinook Salmon and Steelhead. We did spend Friday in front the piers and caught 14 steelhead out of about 30 hits. Saturday the water had warmed up 15 degrees and after a hour in front and catching sheephead and white bass, we moved off shore and caught 11 lake trout and 2 salmon. The program continues to be Gold Star dodgers (white glow, yellow and silver) with green spin n glows and Repture wild fern flies on the bottom for lake trout. The salmon and steelhead came on the high divers at 180 ft. and on the 150, 200 and 300 coppers. The best combinations on the divers were the Davey Jones, UV Mountain Dew and UV green E chip flashers with Rapture no see um flies with green and yellow beads. The copper with orange crush stinger and the mixed veggie stingray were the most consistent. The perch fishing has slowed after the Wed. blow and the influx of the cold water, however there are some decent numbers being caught out of Holland, however they were small in size. I did not get any reports on the perch to the south of Saugatuck. With all the bait there is out in the lake, our salmon should be showing up in higher numbers that what we are seeing. I am a little concerned that we might be seeing the effect of the stocking cuts for the last few years and there just are not as many as we might expect. Regardless, the salmon that we are catching are large and we have taken many over 20 pounds and have had a few that busted off the equipment with their hits and runs. For more information or for charter reservations, email me at

Silver fish start showing up in Saugatuck (Jul-31-2011)

We found out this past week that we are not use to fighting salmon after weeks of lake trout fights. Getting 6 to 10 salmon and steelhead hits on a trip resulted in1 to 4 silver fish in the creel with copper breaking or fish just being lost because of the drag being to tight or too much slack in the line. We have gotten lazy fighting the trout. The catch was still good with 10 to 20 fish per trip, however the lake trout numbers still dominated the catch. The silver fish are coming on the 150, 200 and 300 copper with orange crush, green dolphin and sunburst stingrays. They are also hitting the high divers at 150 and 180 foot with white slick glow E chip and davey jones E chip with a rapture no see um fly with yellow beads. The lake trout continue to come on gold star dodgers (silver and yellow) with white, yellow and green spin n glows and rapture green hypnotist flies. Perch fishing has been fair to excellent, depending on your location. Limit catches are being reported from 10 miles south of the Saugatuck piers to just south of the Douglas Point in 25 to 40 foot of water. Decent catches of perch were also reported from the Holland piers to south of Castle Park in 30 to 40 foot of water. I saw one catch today (from south of the point) that consisted of over 100 perch with the smallest being 9 in and the largest pushing 14 in. For move fishing information or for charter reservations, email me at

Lake Trout with a few silver fish in Saugatuck (Jul-24-2011)

If you like lake trout fishing, you would love the fishing this past week. 80 to 90 percent of the creel consisted of lake trout with the rest made up of chinook and steelhead. The best fishing continues to be in 70 to 100 foot of water, however there were some boats that fished all the way out to 300 foot of water for the silver fish. We are fishing the downriggers on the bottom with Silver Horde Gold Star Flashers and green Rapture Flies (wild fern and green hypnotist) and yellow and green spin n glows. The dipsy divers were run at 180 foot on the high divers and 160 foot or more on the low divers with silver Pro Troll flashers (silver UV, Davey Jones and silver prism) and Rapture flies (no see um with yellow beads). The 150 foot and 200 foot copper produced some silver fish with stingray lures (NBK, carmel dolphin and blue veggie) while the 300 copper produced some chinook with silver and silver mountain dew flashers and no see um yellow beaded flies. There was some good reports on the perch, however you may have to run to get there. The last part of the week produced some limit catches 9 miles south of the Saugatuck piers in 20 to 30 foot of water. Morning fishing is much more productive than mid day. Today the boat J Bird caught their limit of 70 fish that ranged from 8 to 14 in. I did talk to one boat that caught some perch north of the piers off the state park in 40 foot, but boats that fished there today did not fare well. For fishing information or to book a charter, email me at

Steelhead at the piers (Jul-17-2011)

A good week of fishing that started out in 250 foot of water and ended in 15 foot of water. The first part of the week found us 9 miles out in 250 foot of water fishing Coho, Chinook Salmon and Steelhead. Creel numbers varied from 8 to 15 fish per trip however strong north, north east and north west wind during the week produced some rough conditions and ultimately cooler water. By Friday the surface temperature had dropped into the low 50 degrees and bait and steelhead had collected at the pier heads. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we fished 10 to 20 foot of water and caught 8 to 13 steelhead per trip with an occasional Chinook salmon thrown in. Out deep the pattern was flashers and flies on 200, 300 and 450 foot of copper, dipsy divers and downriggers. The best combinations included Hot Chip flashers (silver and silver and mountain dew) with Rapture flies (green mirage and oceana). Once we move inshore, the pattern was all spoons on 2 color and 3 color lead core, and dipsy divers and downriggers. Any spoon would work as long as it had silver and orange on it and was the size of the stinger lures. The best lures for us were the stinger fruit cocktail, double orange crush and jaw breaker. On Friday we were 11 for 35, on Saturday we were 6 for 24 and today we were 13 for 26. On Saturday, fishermen were walking off the South Saugatuck pier with stingers full of steelhead. New report on the perch fishing: Limit catches of perch were reported Saturday evening and Sunday morning. The problem is that the location is 9 miles south of the Saugatuck piers off of Glenn. I talked to boats that caught 75+ perch last night and got their limit again today and the perch were running 7 to 12 in. in length. I think that the shallow water pier fishing is probably going to end soon with the wind and current now out of the south and the water temp beginning to increase. I suspect we will be moving out into deeper water and hopefully the salmon will begin to stage in the 60 to 120 foot depth were they have that last couple of years. For information or for charter reservations, email me at

Salmon showing up in deep water. (Jul-11-2011)

Another good week of fishing in Saugatuck with good catches of Lake Trout in 100 foot of water and some salmon and steelhead showing up in 180 to 240 foot of water. The lake trout fishing is still good but not as consistent as in the last few weeks, with catches of 10 to 18 fish per trip with some more salmon showing up in the catch. The silver fish are showing up in the deeper water with some very good catches of up to 20 fish. This fishing is not consistent and you catch them one day and then struggle the next. If you are planning on fishing the 100 foot depth, go with the Silver Horde metal flashers (silver and yellow) with Green Dude Rapture flies and green spin n glows on the downriggers and low divers. We ran silver Pro Troll flashers and Rapture Oceana, Blue Fern and Wild Fern on the high divers and on the 400 copper and these produced the silver fish along with more Lake Trout. In the deeper water the fish were in the top 60 foot of water consisting of 8-23 lb. salmon and steelhead up to 14 lbs. 200 FOW to 275 FOW. Lots of blue: blue veggie, flying dutchman, blue thunder, dr. hook stinger and stingray sizes. This is the first plug bite with chart. with blue splatter back Ace-Hi. Other boats caught fish on no-see-um flies behind chart. with glow flashers. Hopefully these are the salmon and steelhead we´ve been waiting for, now moving in from middle of the lake. If you have questions or wish to make charter reservations, email me at