Fishing Report

Spring Fishing (Mar-09-2010)

Now that the weather appears to be breaking and spring may be just around the corner, I will start a regular update on the fishing in our area. At the present time the fishing for brown trout is red hot at the piers and at the bubbler with limit catches being the norm. We talked to one fisherman who took 55 brown trout last week (limit each day) in 7 days of fishing. The Kalamazoo River is also warming and the steelhead fishing is improving with some nice steelhead being landed using spawn. We will be launching the boat in about three weeks and will begin our 2010 charter season. I will begin posting fishing report every week or two and help keep you updated on the fishing and once the boat is in the water I will post the reports every Monday. For information or for reservations email me at

River Fishing Improving (Nov-14-2009)

The steelhead fishing in the Kalamazoo River and in the St. Joe River is improving as the water level retreats and the leaves have already fallen. The best method for the steelhead is "walking spawn" down through the holes in the river. Almost all the fish that are being caught are males from 6 to 10 pounds. When the water is clear of leaves, small hot-n-tots and wiggle worts are back trolled into the holes. However, at this time, spawn is out-fishing the plugs. There are also reports of good catches of white fish being caught off the Holland and Grand Haven piers. They are also catching some coho and chinook salmon along the shore line on the lake side of the piers. Rough water has limited open water fishing and very few catch reports are available. For more fishing information or charter reservations, email me at

Steelhead in the Kalamazoo (Nov-06-2009)

The best fishing right now is in the Kalamazoo River with good catches of steelhead and an occasional salmon. With the high water level subsiding, the Kalamazoo River is almost back inside its banks. In addition most of the leaves are off the trees, so fishermen do not have contend with large number of leaves floating down the river and fouling lines. Most of the action is from New Richmond Bridge to the mouth of the Rabbit River by walking spawn down through the holes. Some fish are being taken by using small hot-n-tots and wiggle worts and back trolling them down through the same holes. River fishing should only get better as the river conditions stabilize. There are still some decent catches out in the lake, when wind and waves permit. The last lake fishing report I received was that 2 and 3 year old salmon were being caught in 60 to 90 foot of water on 100 copper and half core with small stinger spoons. There also were some reports of good perch catches in 60 foot of water off of Laketown Beach. Once again the problem with the lake fishing has been the high winds and waves which changes water conditions and fish locations each day. For fishing information or questions about charters, email me at