Fishing Report

Salmon and Lake Trout in the Creel (Jun-15-2015)

June 15 Fishing Report


This past week produced some very good fishing with a mixed catch of lake trout and a few salmon in the creel.  90 to 100 foot of water produced lake trout on the bottom and salmon (up to 12 pounds) 40 to 60 foot down.


The lake trout continues to be caught on metal Gold Star dodgers with silver/green, green/chartreuse Spin n Glos.  The salmon were hitting Rapture fly meat rigs on the high divers at 180 and 200 foot. Also we did catch slamon on  200 and 300 foot of copper with Pro Troll silver/mountain dew and mixed veggie UV flashers with green hypnotist and wild fern Rapture flies.


Sunday I saw the first good catch of perch.  The fishermen had about 40 perch and a couple looked like walleye and exceeded 12 in.  The fish were caught in 45 to 50 foot of water and this was the best perch catch I have seen in a couple of years.  I hope this continues.


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A week of change (Jun-07-2015)

What a change in three days.  We went from trips catching 15 to 20 fish per trip to 5 to 8 fish per trip.  After east and north winds during the week, the water cooled down and Saturday the water at the piers was 44 degrees.  We caught some salmon out in 165 to 175 foot of water one day and the next day they were gone.  We caught the limit of lake trout in 70 to 80 foot one day and two days later they were scarce.  In addition, the stomach contents of the lake trout, early in the week, were predominately golbies and by the end of the week it was almost 100% alewife. Either the golbies left the area or the lake trout moved out or in to different water.   The water changed, the bait supply changed and the fish scattered. 


The salmon are scattered from 20 foot down to 60 foot down and we caught them on high divers at 100 foot and on 100 foot, 200 ft. and 300 ft. of copper on flashers and flies and stingray lures.  The color and combinations changed every day.  The lake trout were taken on metal dodgers and spin n glos on the bottom and occasionally on 300 ft. of copper with a flasher and fly. 


The water is changing every day and if it continues to cool, the fish may be found in front the piers where the bait is abundant.  (Yesterday we did spend an hour in front the piers but never had a hit.)  We will continue to move around to different depths and levels to relocate the fish.


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June 1 Fishing Report (Jun-02-2015)

Fishing continues to be very good with two areas producing the best results.  There continues to be a lot of fish in the 65 to 90 foot of water depth, however there are some decent catches in the 150 to 180 foot depth.  In the shallower water the catch continues to be predominately lake trout with an occasional salmon and steelhead.  In the deeper water we are finding more salmon (up to 15 pounds) and some steelhead mixed in.  The salmon and steelhead in this area are scattered and you have to do some looking to find them, however the salmon are good size here and if you find the bait you will find the salmon.

When fishing the inside water, the lake trout are are still being caught with metal Gold Star dodgers and Green and White/Glow Spin n Glos on the bottom.  The salmon are coming on the 150 and 200 copper with Craigs Christmas and UV Watermelon Stingrays.

When fishing the deeper water run the down riggers at 30 to 60 foot with Pro Troll flashers (silver, silver and mountain dew, white/glow and green glow) and Rapture green hypnotist flies.  100 ft., 200 ft and 300 ft copper line with stinger and Stingray lures (orange crush, UV water melon, Craigs Christmas) are producing some nice salmon and steelhead.  Dipsy divers are run at 175 foot and 100 foot back with either Stingray or Magnum lures.  There are some reports that meat pulled behind 11 in and 8 in flashers are producing some salmon, but I have not pulled them yet.


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May 25, 2015 Fishing Report (May-25-2015)

Limit catches, best describes the fishing this past week.  95% to 99% of the catch is lake trout with the rest being an occasional salmon or steelhead.  The lake trout are ranging from 3 to 14 pounds and are being caught from 60 to 90 foot of water.  Metal flashers and spin n glos were definitely the best combination when run on the bottom.  150 and 200 copper with Stingray lures also produced some lake trout and salmon.  High divers at 100 foot with white/glow and silver/mountain dew Pro Troll flashers and Rapture green hypnotist flies also produced an occasional lake trout or salmon, however the best method were the metal flashers.  


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May 19 Kids Outing (May-25-2015)

Tuesday May 19, about 20 charter and private boats took the Saugatuck Middle School 6th Grade class (about 67 students) on a fishing excursion on Lake Michigan.  The 6th grade class has been participating in the Salmon In The Classroom project during the year and the fishing trip was a reward given to them by the Lakeshore Charter Boat Association and private fishing members in the Saugatuck area.  Even though there were high winds and seas and temperatures below 50 degrees, about 60 fish were caught during the outing.  With the inclimate weather, some boats never made it out and no one fished over 2 hours.  On returning to port, the catch was cleaned and Allegan Ducks Unlimited fried up the catch for students, staff and crews.  All the students were then presented with a rod and reel thanks to the charter boat association, Huntington Bank and Shimano Tackle.  Thank you to all that participated and donated there time to help the kids.  

Check the Photo Gallery for a picture of the students and their catch.