Fishing Report

Fishing report 5/1/15 (May-04-2016)

Fishing report 5/1/15 CoHookers Friends and Family, Sorry for the delay in reports as we have done a ton of work this offseason in preparing the new boat for an awesome 2016 season. We are pleased to announce we are now running a 31´ Tiara Open we´ve named Tiar´em Up. During the offseason we rigged up 3 New Scotty Downriggers that I´ve been more than impressed with. Man these riggers are fast! We also picked up some great new sponsors with Big Weenie Brand Flies, Dreamweaver Paddles and Lures, and Our Brewing Company. These changes should ensure a great experience on CoHooker Charters as well as a roomy comfortable day/night on the water. This past weekend was her first trip out and the new boat didn´t disappoint. We heard reports of Lake Trout inside of 80ft of water, and a good number of Coho out deep. We opted to try the deep water and had instant success on some of Dreamweavers new UV spoons. UV Hellfire, Jailbait, and Green Leopard all took nice silver fish. Our wire diver 225 back with a DW 10" white paddle combined with a Big Weenie Greasy Weiner fly took multiple hits. To our surprise, Gabe Spooner landed a gorgeous 13lb king on a 250 copper with the New DW Jailbait spoon. Water temp was 43 degrees from top to bottom. All in all it was a great day on Lake Michigan for CoHooker Charters. Good Luck to all the boats that are headed to St.Joe this weekend for the Tournament. Be safe. We will be bellied up at Our Brewing Company enjoying a micro and rooting for you. Can´t wait to see you all on board in 2016. Will keep you posted on a report and pics for this weekend and again, thanks for your patience. Capt. Tavis

Fishing deep water very productive (Sep-22-2015)

Sept. 21 Fishing Report


The season is coming to a close for the charter service; however the fishing continues to be very good in the 90 to 120 foot depth. The last couple of weeks produced some days of high winds and waves.  During the blows the water temperature dropped for a day but then the warm water flowed back in and we had 68 degree water again.  During the day or two of cooler water, a few salmon did show up at the piers but with the return of the warm water, they either moved up the river or moved back off shore.  The fishing off shore is still very good with creel numbers in the teens and 4 to 6 “silver fish” in the catch each day.  The last week our catch had more Coho and steelhead than Chinook salmon. 


The salmon and steelhead were caught on 100 to 200 copper with stingray size spoons (mixed veggie and mixed veggie UV) and on the high divers with Live Wire and Mixed Veggie Pro Troll with Oceana UV flies at 180 foot and 200 foot.  Lake Trout continue to be caught on the bottom with metal flashers and spin n glos. 


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Warm water fishing continues to produce nice catches (Sep-07-2015)

Sept. 7, 2015 Fishing Report


Warm water fishing continues in Saugatuck.  The top 60 foot of water is still 70 degrees, however a good thermocline has formed from 60 to 70 foot with a drop of 12 degrees.  The fishing still remains very good in 90 to 100 foot of water with creel numbers in the teens and consisting of lake trout, Chinook salmon and Coho salmon along with an occasional steelhead.


The lake trout continue to come in the bottom 10 foot of the water column on Gold Star metal dodgers and spin n glos.  The salmon are coming on a variety of flashers and Green No See Um, Yellow beaded No See Um, Oceana Tuli, Oceana and Green Hypnotist flies pulled behind dipsy divers and 350 foot of copper.  Early in the morning, glow “Upside Under” and regular  Ace Hi plugs (Wonder Bread, Green Splatter Back, Glow Pearl and Green Lightning) work well on 150, 200 and 250 foot of copper.  Another good combination is the 11 in Pro Troll UV blade with a No See Um UV fly run at 70 foot that produces some nice salmon each day. 


Some good reports on perch this week with some limit catches in 35 foot of water just south of the Saugatuck piers.  Pier fishing continues good with stringers of sheephead and catfish being common. 


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Warm water producing some nice salmon (Aug-30-2015)

Aug. 31, 2015


This past week produced some unpredictable results with creels of 10 to 16 fish consisting of ¾ salmon one day and then 1 or 2 salmon the next with the rest mostly lake trout.  Warm water continues to dictate the location and movements of the salmon with most of the fish being caught in 80 to 100 foot of water.  Early in the week the water temperature is 70 degrees on the surface and 70 degrees 100 foot down.  By the end of the week the temperature was 68 degrees down to 70 foot and then dropped to the 50’s and 40’s  at 100 foot.  The salmon were mainly caught in the warm water 40 foot to 70 foot down and the lake trout were caught 80 foot to the bottom. 


The Chinook Salmon were caught on Ace Hi plugs on 200, 300 and 350 foot of copper.  The best colors were pearl/glow, wonderbread/glow, silver green back and green/splatter back plugs.  We also caught both salmon and lake trout on blue bubble, mixed veggie and silver flashers with Rapture Oceana and Oceana Tuli flies.  Dipsy divers at 150 and 200 foot with silver, silver/mountain dew, white/slick glow and silver mountain dew/glow produced with No See Um flies with yellow beads, Oceana flies and Green Hypnotist flies.  Once again the majority of the lake trout were taken on Gold Star metal flashers and spin n glos.


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High Winds Alters Fishing (Aug-24-2015)

Aug. 24, Fishing Report


The two day hard blow out of the southwest, changed the fishing dramatically this past week.  Monday and Tuesday we were catching 20% Lake Trout and 80% salmon and steelhead with a good themocline at 50 foot.  Then the wind blew 35 mile per hour from the southwest for two days and when we got out on Friday, we found 71 degree water from the surface down to 110 foot.  Needless to say the fishing changed dramatically with fish coming 100 to 140 foot down in 150 foot of water.  Fish are still being caught; however we are back to mostly lake trout. 


The copper lines, (300 ft., 350 ft. and 450 ft) did produce some nice salmon with silver, mixed veggie and blue bubble flashers and Rapture Oceana and green Hypnotist flies.  Early in the week we ran the high divers and 170 foot out and low divers at 120 foot out but by the end we ran them at 350 and 250 foot out.  Behind the divers we ran the chrome/mountain dew, all chrome and white/slick flashers with Rapture No See Um flies with yellow beads and white beads.  Down riggers were run from 50 foot to 150 foot down with dodgers or flashers and spin n glos.  Early in the morning we did find that the 11 in. Pro Troll flasher (glow blade and UV tape) with a UV No See Um fly did well taking 2 to 3 salmon each day.


With it blowing again today with 5 to 8 foot waves and the forecast for 4 to 7 foot waves tomorrow, we will probably not be fishing again until Wednesday.  For more information or to make a charter reservation, email me at