Fishing Report

Days of limit catches (Aug-16-2015)

A great week of fishing with limit catches most days.  2/3 rds of the creel still consist of Lake Trout, however there are more Chinook Salmon and Steelhead showing up.  Even with the rough water and high winds toward mid week the fishing was very consistent.  

The Lake Trout were again taken on metal dodgers and spin n glos on the down riggers and low divers.  The salmon were hitting on silver/mountain dew and silver flashers with the Rapture Illusion UV and yellow beads on high divers at 100 and 120 foot.  Every morning, on the middle down rigger,  we are running a glow bladed UV Pro Troll flasher and green beaded No See Um and when the sun gets higher we switch over to the Pro Troll Davie Jones flasher and Rapture Last Supper fly and it is good for 2 to 3 salmon a day and an occasional lake trout.  The 100 foot, 150 foot and 200 foot copper are producing the steelhead and salmon with small Ace Hi plugs (glow green, pearl and silver green).

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Salmon numbers increase in the creel (Aug-09-2015)

Aug. 9, 2015


A week of either limit catches or catches of all the fish a person needs or wants.  Many of the charters only lasted 3 to 4 hours to get all the weight of fish a person or group needs.  Creel numbers ranged for low to mid teens to the low 20’s.  The creels consisted of a mixture of about 2/3rd lake trout and 1/3rd salmon and steelhead.  The size of the fish was also very good with lake trout up to 15 pounds and salmon pushing 20 pounds. 


The lake trout again were taken primarily on Gold Star metal flashers and white/glow and green/chartreuse spin n glos on the bottom with downriggers.  Salmon were caught on the high and low divers, 200, 300 and 350 foot copper with Pro Troll flashers (blue bubble, mixed veggie, white and blue and UV and white and UV.  Behind the flashers we pulled Rapture flies and the best fly was the Oceana UV and Oceana Tuli, however there were days when the Green No See Um and the Green Hypnotist out fished the Oceana, but not often.  The steelhead were caught early in the week on 150 foot of copper with green glow Ace Hi splatter back and the silver green Ace Hi splatter back.


The perch reports were very poor this week with either very few or no perch being caught.  The only favorable report was off the ball in 70 foot of water with a few perch being caught.


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Salmon, Steelhead and Lake Trout in the Creel (Aug-02-2015)

Aug 2, 2015 Fishing Report


Another great week of fishing with some limit or near limit catches of salmon steelhead and lake trout.  For example, Friday we caught 17 fish, Saturday we caught 18 fish and on Sunday (in 4 to 6 foot seas) we caught 8.  The salmon are running close to 20 pounds and the lake trout are pushing 15 pounds.  Fishing the 80 to 95 foot depth continues to produce some very good catches, however, there were some nice silver fish caught out in 120 to 140 foot of water. 


The steelheads are coming on Silver Horde plugs (green speckle back and silver red head) on the 150 foot and 200 foot copper lines.  The best combination for salmon continues to be the Pro Troll flashers (blue bubble white blade, blue bubble silver blade and mix veggie) and the Rapture Oceana and Oceana Tuli flies.  This fly/flasher combination continues to produce multiple times during a trip.  The Dipsy Divers were producing with Gold Star metal flashers and white/glow and green/chartreuse spin n glos.  The high divers produced both salmon and trout with green/glow and silver/mountain dew flashers and the Rapture Green Hypnotist fly.  Downriggers on the bottom with metal flashers and spin n glos produced most of the lake trout.


I have not heard any thing about perch this past week, however with the water warming up; they should be in the 35 to 50 foot depth. 


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More silver fish in this weeks creel (Jul-26-2015)



Another very good week of fishing out of Saugatuck with creel numbers in the teens and a higher number of silver fish in the mix.  Fishing in the 80 to 100 foot depth as produced consistent lake trout limits and 4 to 7 steelhead and Chinook salmon in the catch. 


The lake trout are still being caught with metal dodgers and spin n glos (glow white, double trouble and green/yellow) on wire divers and downriggers.  The steelhead are being caught on stingray UV mixed veggie and orange crush spoons pulled on 100 and 150 foot of copper.  The Chinook salmon are coming on Pro Troll flashers with Rapture flies.  The best combinations are blue bubble flasher with the Oceana UV fly, UV mixed veggie  with the Green No See Um fly and a chartrouse/glow flasher with the Frosted Fern fly.  These are being pulled on 250, 300 and 350 foot of copper. 


Perch fishing out of Saugatuck was very inconsistent this past week, with some perch being caught one day in a spot and then nothing the next.  There are some perch being caught between Saugtuck and South Haven and south of South Haven. 


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Steelhead in side and Lake Trout out side. (Jul-21-2015)

July 21, 2015

This past week was another week of predominate lake trout creels with occasional steelhead or salmon mixed in.  Creel numbers ranged from 10 to 20 fish per trip and ther size of the fish averaged 9 to 12 pounds.  During the early and mid week, there were some very nice steelhead and salmon catches in 25 foot of water, however the water has warmed and the fish moved out.


The methods used were unchanged from last week with metal dodgers and spin n glos on the bottom and flashers and flies on 200 and 300 copper for the silver fish. 


Early in the week the pier fishermen were catching steelhead with shrimp under a bobber.  Perch fishing was very spotty with some catches early in the week 7 miles south of the harbor and some catches in the edge of the river water mid week. 


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