Fishing Report

May 4, 2015 Fishing Report (May-04-2015)

A very good week for fishing out of Saugatuck.  The water temperature is still in the low 40 degrees and the fish are scattered from the top to the bottom.  Early in the week we fished in 10 to 20 foot of water and caught some small salmon and a half dozen brown trout (one going over 12 pounds).  Sunday we fished from 50 to 70 foot of water and caught 22 lake trout and 7 chinook salmon.  The lake trout ranged from 5 pounds to 15 pounds but the salmon all weighed less than 2 pounds each.  

Metal flashers and green spin n glos on the bottom, produced most of the lake trout while the salmon were caught on small stingers on 30 ft, 75 ft, 100 ft. and 150 ft. copper.  

Our bigger salmon have not yet shown up in our water, however as the water warms, we should see more and larger salmon and steelhead in the creel.  If you are interested in booking a charter or just want information, email me at  Check back next week for updates.  

Shake Down Trip (Apr-27-2015)

The boat went in the water this past week and Sunday we had the shake down cruise to make sure everything was working and to check out the fishing.  We went out at 8 AM and set lines along the shore line to see if there were any Brown Trout around.  Although we fished only an hour and a half we did have a half dozen hits and boated a couple of small chinook salmon that we returned.  We did have one Brown Trout on and lost it at the net.  

Stingers (orange crush, green/orange, all orange and Craigs reverse Christmas) on 30 copper and on divers set at 18 foot out produced all the hits.  All functioned well, however the wind picked up and blowing over 41 degree water, it got very cold and started to get rough so we were back at the dock by 10 AM.

If you want to catch lake trout, there are reports that good numbers are being caught in 40 to 50 foot of water in the top 30 foot.  The best methods appear to be small lures with green or green and orange colors.  

Preseason Report (Mar-18-2015)

As I write this report sitting in 80 degree weather in Florida, I have been told that Lake Michigan has ice as far as you can see.  Warmer weather is in the forecaste and we should see some decrease in the ice cover.  


There have been some whitefish caught in the Holland channel and there are steelhead in the Kalamazoo River.  With the warm water discharge at Port Sheldon, there is a small area of the lake that is ice free and boats have been fishing this area.  One person who was fishing out of a kayak has taken 41 brown trout since Feb. 1.  Saturaday AM there were nine boats in the Port Sheldon channel but reported that they caught only 3 fish total.  


Check back and I will try to update the report now every 2 weeks or when ever I get a new report.  

48 degree shallow water and salmon (Sep-15-2014)

This past week produced some more high winds and rough water and as a result the lake has cooled down drastically.  We have been waiting for the cool water to allow the Chinook to stage in front of the piers for the spawning run, however, as of this weekend there is no large scale movement into the river.  Wednesday and Saturday we were blown off, however on Sun day we did fish in front the piers and caught a half dozen salmon.  The water was 48 degrees on the surface and 44 degrees on the bottom in 20 foot.  Boats that moved off shore to 80 and 100 foot also found 48 degrees on the surface. 


In the shallow water, we fished almost all Ace Hi plugs in a variety of colors from the surface to 50 foot of copper and on downriggers run from 5 to 15 foot down.  Boats that fished off shore fished the surface with 3 color lead core down to the bottom with metal flashers and Spin n Glos.


The wind is predicted to move back to the south, and if this happens the lake should begin to warm.  I am sure that there are some salmon that have moved up the river; however we should see more staging in front for the run.  Contact me for information or charter reservations at

Rough Water, High Winds limits the fishing. (Sep-08-2014)

This past week was a story of rough water, high winds and canceled charters.  Out of 6 scheduled charters we ended up running 2, however the fishing, when we could get out there was fairly good with a mixed bag of salmon and lake trout.  Even with the north winds, the water remained in the 70 degree range down to 50 foot and then broke into the 40’s. 


The methods and lures remain the same as last week with 200, 300 and 400 copper and the dipsy divers at 150 and 100 foot out producing most of the salmon.  The majority of the lake trout were taken off the downriggers on the bottom. 


The week is forecasted to have temperatures in the low 60’s which usually means the wind should be out of the north.  With a north wind and current, the water temperatures should decrease which should move the fish to the piers.  For more information and charter reservations, contact me at